Dense Circle (Warriors Cats fanfic)

       Goldenpaw kept low the ground, careful to keep her tail still and above the leaves. The trees cast shadows across the undergrowth and in the distance, the horizon was beginning to turn pink

       Goldenpaw crept forward, picking her way over twigs and fallen branches. The smell of mouse filled her nose and made her mouth water, but she forced her hunger down. ThunderClan came first, she could eat later.

        Goldenpaw concentrated on her prey and bunched her muscles together. With a triumphant yowl, she leapt into the air and trapped the mouse between her claws, squeezing the life out of it. She gave it a quick nip of the throat and it lay limp on the ground at her paws.

“Nice one, Goldenpaw!”

         Goldenpaw turned to see her littermate Flashpaw emerging from a bush, dragging a large squirrel. Behind him, their mentors Bloomtail and Rainpelt followed, Bloomtail with a fat shrew dangling from her mouth and Rainpelt carrying a couple of mouse tails.

          Bloomtail set her catch on the ground and purred at her apprentice. “You’ve caught a lot today, Goldenpaw. We haven’t even retrieved the prey you buried earlier yet.”

          “It’s greenleaf!” Goldenpaw replied, though her eyes were shining with pride. “There’s enough prey to last us through leaf-bare.”

          Beside them, Rainpelt squinted through the trees. “The sun’s setting. Let’s head back to camp before a fox digs up your catch.”

          Suddenly, leaves rustled and Goldenpaw spotted the familiar brown shape of the vole darting away.

         Without hesitation, Goldenpaw gave chase. The forest was beginning to darken, but she could still make out the fleeting shape of the vole as it scrambled out of her reach. Goldenpaw wove through trees and jumped over logs, keeping her prey in sight. She was only inches away from it and was about to make the final leap when something barreled into her side.

          Goldenpaw tumbled off her paws and rolled away from her attacker. She scrambled to her feet, teeth bared, claws unsheathed, glaring at the cat who had knocked her over. Goldenpaw was vaguely aware that the vole was gone.

          “What did you do that for! I was about to catch it!” Goldenpaw growled, then suddenly stopped.

           A russet colored tom loomed over her, amber eyes narrowed and blazing like a wildfire. He was tall, with a single black stripe running from his head to tail. Goldenpaw didn’t recognize him, then a familiar stench overwhelmed her nose and her eyes widened in horror.

           “Goldenpaw!” The ginger apprentice turned to see her mentor skidding to a in the Clearing. Rainpelt and Flashpaw scrambled to a halt next to her. “Goldenpaw, what happened? Why are you in ShadowClan territory.”

           Completely focused on catching her prey, Goldenpaw hadn’t realized she’d strayed to far to the edge of ThunderClan territory and crossed the border. The Clearing that belonged to ThunderClan where Bloomtail, Rainpelt, and Flashpaw were standing was just a couple of tail lengths away, but that didn’t change the fact that Goldenpaw had trespassed.

           “Hey, I know you!” Flashpaw suddenly said, his eyes trained on the russet tom. “You’re Blazepaw, right? I saw you at a Gathering once.”

           He’s an apprentice? Goldenpaw cast an astonished glance at the ShadowClan cat. He’s so tall! I thought he was a warrior!

           Blazepaw passed his amber gaze over the ThunderClan cats, then rested his eyes back on Goldenpaw. Goldenpaw flinched, then immediately scolded herself for showing weakness to the enemy. She swallowed, lifted her chin, and stared straight into Blazepaw’s glowing eyes.

“This isn’t the first time ThunderClan has trespassed.”

            Goldenpaw almost jumped at the sound of Blazepaw’s voice. It was smooth and quiet, but echoed through the forest all the same. Goldenpaw gritted her teeth and tried to stop her tail from quivering.

            “And I doubt it will be the last.” Blazepaw sighed, then glanced at the clearing where Bloomtail, Rainpelt, and Flashpaw were anxiously standing. Suddenly, he leaned close to Goldenpaw’s face, his eyes blazing like his name.

            “Go back to where you belong, fox-pelt,” Blazepaw hissed. “Before I make sure you won’t be going back at all.”

Goldenpaw obliged and ran.

Coal Field (previous warriors cats fanfic)

Coal Field (Warriors Cats fanfic)

(I forgot to use the word pursue. Nevermind, I just did.)

Blazepaw let Icedawn take the lead as the two cats padded quietly through the dark pine forest. Above them, slim rays of sunlight filtered through the dense pine needles, casting small circles of light on the smooth floor. Blazepaw picked his way silently through the bed of needles, keeping his head low and his tail high enough that it didn’t disturb the leaves.

He scented Hawkpelt and Antpaw before he and Icedawn stepped into the clearing. Hawkpelt was busy correcting his apprentice’s battle crouch and didn’t notice their entrance.

“Bunch up your hindlegs! Don’t put too much weight in front. You have to be strong! If a ThunderClan warrior came at you like this-”

Hawkpelt suddenly lunged at Antpaw, nearly bowling her over. The little pale gray she-cat yelped in surprise and staggered to regain her balance.

“You call that a battle stance?” Hawkpelt growled. “In a real battle, an enemy warrior would’ve came at you with tooth, claw, and no mercy. Keep this up and you’ll be dead in no time!”

Hawkpelt turned and spotted Icedawn standing awkwardly at the edge of the clearing with Blazepaw sitting next to her, licking his paw absentmindedly.

“Blazepaw!” Blazepaw looked up to see Hawkpelt beckoning him with the tip of his tail.

“Come here! Save me the need to kill my apprentice myself.” At this, Antpaw flinched, a look of utmost fear in her eyes, but Hawkpelt didn’t seem to notice. “Show Antpaw how a proper battle crouch is done.”

Blazepaw didn’t wait for Icedawn to give him permission. She was, after all, just a substitute for Leafburn. He padded towards Antpaw, who shrank away from him. Her bright blue eyes were a mixture of fear and embarrassment and Blazepaw suddenly felt his heartbeat quicken.

Three moons ago, Blazepaw, Antpaw, Twistpaw, and Shadepaw had been made apprentices and were assigned to their mentors. On the first day, he and Antpaw had explored ShadowClan territory together, and Blazepaw had caught a lizard and a frog. During battle training, he’d mastered the battle crouch and could pin down Shadepaw in a matter of seconds. Once, Twistpaw’s mentor Mooneye and Leafburn decided to test their apprentices against each other until one of them surrendered. Blazepaw had given Twistpaw a beating that landed him in the medicine den for three days. Twistpaw never teased him again after that.

Blazepaw gave Antpaw a brief glance before dropping down into the battle crouch. He held his position while Hawkpelt pointed out his posture to Antpaw.

“Now let me see that battle crouch,” the sleek brown tom growled to his apprentice.

This time, Antpaw managed a stable crouch that earned grunts of approval from Hawkpelt.

From the edge of the clearing, Icedawn finally cleared her throat. “Why don’t we hunt for a bit before heading back to camp? Try practicing on a bit of prey.”

Hawkpelt hesitated for a moment, then nodded curtly.

“Fine. Antpaw and I will hunt closer to the lake. You two can head towards the Strip between the two Twoleg Paths if you want.” With that, he and Antpaw slipped into the darkness of the trees.

Icedawn sighed and heaved a tired yawn. “All right then. Let’s go Blazepaw-”

She blinked and looked around but Blazepaw was already gone.

Blast Fly (previous warriors cats fanfic)




Blast Fly (Warriors Cats fanfic)

“It’s only temporary.”

Blazepaw glanced at the white she-cat sitting next to him and flicked his tail warily. In the clearing, the cats of ShadowClan were beginning to slip out of their dens, stretching in the morning sunlight. The dawn patrol had already left and Sunclaw, the ShadowClan deputy, was busy organizing hunting and border patrols. At the foot of his oak tree, Duststar surveyed his Clan through warm, golden eyes.  Blazepaw watched longingly as Hawkpelt led his apprentice Antpaw out the thorn tunnel.

Icedawn, the white she-cat, followed his gaze and sighed. “Leafburn will be fine. Rockwater is the most experienced medicine cat I’ve ever met and your mentor is a strong warrior.”

Blazepaw turned to the crevice between the two rocks that was the medicine den. Only yesterday, he and his mentor had been out on a hunting patrol. Blazepaw had scented a dog while hunting solo, which must have belonged to one of the Twolegs that came to the lake during greenleaf. A few heartbeats later, he’d heard Leafburn’s familiar yowl of distress. Blazepaw had raced as fast as his paws could carry him to his mentor. The rest of the hunting patrol had made it before him and had managed to drive away the dog, but not before it tore an ugly gash along Leafburn’s hindleg.

Now he was being treated by Rockwater in the medicine den and Icedawn would be replacing Leafburn as Blazepaw’s mentor.

When Blazepaw didn’t answer, Icedawn gave him an exasperated groan. “Worrying won’t help. I’m sure Leafburn will want you practicing while he’s being treated. We don’t want to disappoint him now, do we?”

“We?” Blazepaw muttered. Icedawn flicked her ears.

As a kit, Blazepaw had always been apart from the other cats. The other kits teased him about his size and slouching posture and loved to play tricks on him when the queens weren’t looking. Once, Twistkit had told him to go into the forest and stay there until sunhigh. He said that if Blazepaw’s mother Cherryleaf didn’t come looking for him, it meant she didn’t care about him. To Blazepaw’s horror, when he slipped back into the nursery, Cherryleaf was still sharing tongues with Applenose and hadn’t noticed his absence at all.

Blazepaw flicked his russet colored tail again and padded towards the thorn tunnel. “Let’s go.”

Icedawn, too relieved to argue, followed.

I think someone has a massive crush on me.


via Daily Prompt: Massive





Into me




You’re probably thinking this is your classic teen drama. Guy likes girl, but girl doesn’t like him back (me being that girl). But it’s different- by a little bit, but that still counts.

For teenagers out there who know what I’m talking about, is your annoying follower trying every possible way to get your attention? I don’t know what you guys are dealing with, but Max Aer does something like this; he calls my name in the hallways (very embarrassing, I’ve never speed walked so fast in my life), he stands behind me on one side and taps my shoulder on the other side (so annoying, I turn around and he yells “you fell for it! Mwahaha!” Not even kidding), he’s always trying to talk to me in English (get lost already- no, I won’t be your partner for the project!), and he pats me on the head (who does that?).

As you can now see, very unprofessional way to get a girl’s attention. Argh, hope you fellow young ladies out there aren’t going through the same problem, Max Aer is driving me cray-cray, to the point that I don’t even care anymore.

Don’t even care. Nope, not at all, done with it (well, maybe the part where he pats my head, seriously who does that?). Absolutely, positively (maybe negatively) don’t even care anymore.


Drunk Men Want More (contains Mature content)


via Daily Prompt: Slur

It was a special day for Miri Murphy, a day she had been looking forward to for the past week. She glanced at her watch- in fifteen minutes, she would turn eighteen. It was an important number, one that marked the gateway to adulthood and beyond. She could not afford to miss it or treat it like any other birthday party. Today would be special. Today, she’d celebrate her birthday alone.

At last, Miri turned the corner and was met by the foggy glass door of Slunny’s Bar. The familiar smell of spilled beer and puke hit her the moment she set foot inside but she didn’t mind- she was used to it, being a regular face around here. Miri dodged a drunken man reaching out to hug her and flying wine droplets and set herself on a stool (she had to stand on her toes to climb on) at the counter.

Miri gave Slunny Simms, the bartender, a grin larger than she’d usually given him as he came for her order, polishing a glass like all bartenders do.

“The usual,” Miri said between smiles.

Simms grinned at her. “You sound like a customer in a movie.”

“It’s my B-day!” Miri went on, ignoring Simms’ comment.

Simms tilted his head. “My, my, turning eighteen I see. You’re growing up.”

“Yep, in about-” She glanced at her watch “- ten minutes.”

“Not going for something stronger?” Simms teased as he poured her a glass of wine.

Miri paused to think for a moment. “No…not quite there yet….”

The bartender smirked. “That’s right, you’re eighteen. Afraid too much could get you into- let’s say- trouble?” He set her glass in front of her.

She drank it in small sips, giving Simms a look of surprise. “Really- no, of course not- I’m not…too young….”

Simms leaned in closer to her and winked. “You’re in a bar. It’s normal.”

Miri hesitated and turned in her seat to look around. Most of the tables were full of howling men of all ages- the only women were standing beside their boyfriends, looking drunk and staring at their dates with dreamy eyes. Miri turned back to her wine.

“It’s never going to happen, Slunny,” Miri murmured.

“Of course not.” Simms smiled. “No man could even come near you.” He retreated to his cabinets and started organizing the bottles.

Miri was halfway done with her drink when she felt a warm hand on her shoulder. She nearly jumped and stared up at the man- unkempt hair flying everywhere, greasy beard that hadn’t been washed for days (maybe weeks), breathe that smelled like puke.

Miri didn’t know what to say.

“Go on, Larry! Quit stallin’!”

Miri peered around Larry’s burly body to see a rowdy table of men, all dirty, disorganized, and smelling of sewers. They stared at her with eyes that sent tremors down her spine.

Larry opened his mouth, revealing a row of decaying teeth, and said something that sounded like “Comyunomimi.”

Miri turned away and looked around frantically for Simms for help; to her horror, he was leaning against the counter, watching in amusement. Miri gave him a wide stare- Simms waved his fingers and shrugged You’re on your own.

Larry was coming for a second try. He cleared his throat, stained hand still on Miri’s shoulder and said, in a slightly slurred voice, “You lookin’ like a fine  lady today. How old’er ye?”

Miri didn’t reply. Larry’s grip on her shoulder tightened.

“Stubborn lil’ girl. Alone are ye?”

Another question. Miri didn’t answer- her heart was beating too fast.

“Yer comin’ home with me, then.” Larry smiled and Miri’s vision was filled with a not quite full set of rotting teeth.

She tugged her shoulder away but Larry held fast.

“Let go! I’m not going anywhere with you!” She was fully aware of the table behind Larry laughing hysterically. Larry’s shoulders were shaking with drunk giggles too.

“Do it look like ye have a choice?”

Without warning, Miri was dragged off the stool, surrounded by a ragged group of Larry’s friends, and pushed out the back door into the alley. Simms watched the entire show, merrily cleaning a glass. Like all bartenders do. Miri put up a good fight- she was sure she had nailed someone between the legs, she had heard a howl even in his drunken state- but the men were bigger and there were a lot more of them than her.  

Miri screamed with all her might but they were too far deep into the alley for her to be heard. Moments later, she was gagged and clawing at any face she could see as they dragged her into the darkest parts of the city. Miri wasn’t sure how many corners they had turned before the drunk gang halted.

They yanked her to the ground- her arms were being held firmly above her head. Miri’s eyes widened in horror as Larry trotted forward, a nasty smile plastered on his dirty face.

Someone whipped off her jacket. Then Miri felt someone lift up her shirt- she kicked in retaliation and two other men immediately pounced on her ankles. Miri writhed desperately but in vain- her shirt soon joined her jacket. Then with a yank that sent a muffled gasp through her gag, her bra was unclipped and throne aside. She stared down in shock at her exposed breasts and felt goosebumps spread along her chest as her skin touched the cold air.

Another man shoved her on her back and Miri saw the blue line of the sky above the gray buildings in the alley. Her spine touched the damp ground and she shivered. Her hands were tied tightly together above her head, the old rope biting at her wrists. She felt her belt slide away from her jeans and several hands yanked at her pants. Miri shrieked and kicked furiously, anything that would slow them down until help arrived. A highly unlikely chance.

When her pants were no longer a problem, the gang, minus the two who were holding down her legs, stood up to admire their work. Miri felt with a sudden twinge that her panties were the only protection she had left. She closed her eyes, lay still, and whimpered in defeat.

They were on her like a pack of wolves. Her panties went flying and the two men holding her legs spread them wide, revealing her vulnerable clitoris. Tears streaked down Miri’s face as she waited for a birthday gift she would never forget.

The Sound of Bones Cracking (a Darkening plot)


via Daily Prompt: Sound

He flicked his wrist and slammed the Rebellion soldier’s shadow against the white wall. Seconds later, the soldier’s body followed. He did this a couple more times until the wall was smeared with the red from the soldier’s previous wounds and he heard the satisfying crack of something breaking. Then he stopped and settled his hand.

The soldier slumped limply to the ground, breaths coming in rasping coughs. The Darkling Prince stepped forward and knelt in front of him, one hand on the ground- just in case. The soldier’s eyes were shut tight and his chest was quivering with the effort of just breathing.

“Had enough?” said the Prince. “Where is she?”

The Rebellion soldier coughed once and met the Prince’s red eyes fearfully, but defiantly. “You’re a Darkling now, aren’t you?” he muttered. “Go find her yourself.”

The soldier was instantly flung across the corridor and slammed onto the opposite wall, resulting in a gasp and more bones cracking.

The Prince lowered his hand and stood. “Your stubbornness or loyalty or whatever wasting my time right now is useless. Don’t try to be a hero, Underling.”

“Like you? I wouldn’t dream of it.” The soldier stayed on the ground, partly because he could no longer sit up and partly because he was waiting for another run in with a wall.

The wall never came- instead, the Darkling Prince smiled and said, “Me? A hero?”

Laughing softly, he bent down over the soldier, his red eyes taking a dimmer shade of brown. He sighed, almost tiredly. “I’m not a hero. Let me just get one thing straight before you die.”

The soldier’s eyes widened but the Prince didn’t seem to notice. “She’s the hero now. Actually, June has always been the hero, has been since the day she entered the Dark World through the door that I myself opened. She still is now, I bet. If you were to put this entire war in a book, she would be the heroine. I’m just the friend who turns out to be the enemy, the traitor in their midst.”

The Prince stared into thin air for a moment, lost in thought. A small cough from the soldier brought him back to the real world and he looked down at the Underling.

“But of course, in books, especially those about war, people die.” His eyes took on their original sinister red glow. “People like you.”

The frantic screaming enveloped the Changing House, drowning out the nasty sounds of bones cracking.

He’s Not Joking… (a Darkening plot)


via Daily Prompt: Seriousness

She was free.

After months of being locked in a cell with only the prisoners and guards for company, she was back in the game, the Rebellion. Well, he had come and visited her every week too. She didn’t want to show it, but she had looked forward to his visits.

Until he had told her he wasn’t going back with her. The day the Rebellion rescued her from her prison, she’d tried one last time to take him with her. He was the only leader she’d ever known, the only other Darkling that she could trust. Not completely, but she could rely on him. But he had made it clear he wasn’t coming back.

The Rebellion’s second leader Ella Barrus had been shocked. He had been her right hand man, her most trusted partner. They supported each other, even though Ella was much older than him and therefore considered a senior. Still, they’d been working as a team for years.

Everyone was devastated, angry at him for betraying them like that. Soon, however, they were too busy to think anymore. The war with Balance intensified as parts of the Changing House were conquered, strengthening each side’s territory. Soon, they would have to start attacking each other, when there was nothing left to capture.

A lot of arrangements had happened over the last few weeks- Kyle had been nominated Ella’s new right hand man. It was a good choice; he was smart, courageous, and not afraid of battle. Whenever she thought of Kyle, she thought of their former leader. And whenever she thought of her former leader, she tried not to think at all. But Kyle had been good to her- he was one of the few people who could make her laugh now- they had both lost dear friends in the war and during her capture. Speaking of Kyle, June was organizing her troops when she heard him call her name.

She turned and smiled at him. “What is it?”

He rubbed the back of his neck, his eyes flicking to the floor. “I need to talk to you,” he whispered. “In private.”

June tilted her head quizzically. “Sure.” She dismissed her soldiers with a nod and followed Kyle towards the nearest door.

Kyle muttered a code and pushed the door open. The doorway flashed a blinding white light and they found themselves in a dimly lit room. There was a bed on one side and a few drawers on the other, plus a desk with a lamp. The curtains were drawn over large window at the far wall.

“Your room?” June surveyed her surroundings.

Kyle nodded. He stared at her intensely, waiting for a comment.

“Come to think of it, I’ve never been in your room.” June walked over to the bed and sat on it slowly, brushing her hands over the bed sheets. “So what did you want to talk about?”

Kyle sat on the chair by his desk. He didn’t say anything for a long moment. Finally, he looked up and met her gaze.

“June, I-” he trailed off into silence again.

June leaned in closer. “Kyle?”

Kyle bit his lip and started again. “June, you…Ella should’ve chosen you to lead instead of me.”

June blinked, her eyes wide. “That’s not true! You’re the perfect choice!”

“No, I’m not. You’re a Darkling. Why would she choose me over a Darkling?” Kyle protested.

“Hey, not all Darklings are good leaders,” June whispered, her thoughts drifting painfully to him. “You’ll do fine without magic.”

“You think so?” Kyle murmured.

“I know so.”

He looked up and smiled. “Thanks.”

June smiled back.

There was a long pause as both of them continued to stare at each other.

“June,” Kyle suddenly said. “I love you.”

The words sent a spark through her chest. Her mind flew to his voice, saying the exact three words. It felt like years ago. “You’re joking.”

“Do I look like I’m joking?” Kyle fixed her with a hard stare.

Slowly, she shook her head. “You’re serious?” she whispered.

“I’m serious.” Kyle got up and moved towards her, his eyes filled with a determination she hadn’t noticed before.

He reached out a hand, but at that moment, she stood from the bed.

“My troops are waiting,” she said quietly.

Kyle looked hurt and a bit disappointed, but relented. “Okay.”

June headed towards the door. With one hand on the doorknob, she looked back at Kyle. He was standing in the middle of the room, staring at her with his bright blue eyes. He smiled.

She forced a small grin and walked out the door.

He Heard Her Voice (a Darkening plot)


via Daily Prompt: Heard

He was leading his team of Balance soldiers into the white-wall hallways when he heard the voices. They had only just emerged out of Balance territory- when did the Rebellion conjure up the courage to set foot this close to the dark gray walls? His team had heard them too and each placed a sweaty hand on the hilt of their sword.

The voices drew closer. He lifted his hand and motioned for them to move forward, cautiously and quietly. They made their way to an intersection of hallways- and her voice made him freeze.

He’d been longing to hear her voice again ever since a team of Rebels lead by Kyle rescued her and the other prison from the Royal cells; she hadn’t said a word to him while she was imprisoned, only gave him bright yellow glares that sent sparks shooting up the back of his head. And now, she was right around the corner….

A second voice made him stiffen- a low, hoarse voice, one that had once belonged to a trusted soldier, but now belonged to the one who had called him a traitor. And it was true. He’d left and he was never going back.

He signaled for his team to leave. A few soldiers hesitated, but all obeyed- no one was willing to mess with a Darkling. The soldiers filed out the nearest door, leaving their prince alone in the white corridor.

The Shaded Darkling made a sign with his hands, closed his eyes, muttered a few words under his breath- and became invisible.

And just in time for at that moment, she came around the corner. Following closely behind her was the owner of the second voice, Kyle. His eyes darted around warily and settled on the invisible Darkling. He held his breath but Kyle barely glanced for two seconds before going back to double check on his team of Rebel soldiers.

“Isn’t that Balance territory?” Kyle pointed at the dark gray walls just a few steps ahead of them.

“Yes,” she answered softly. The hidden Darkling couldn’t help but wonder if she was thinking about him.

Kyle placed a comforting hand on her shoulder. “Don’t worry. If he shows up, he’ll have to get through me first.”

The Darkling tensed his shoulders. Kyle was standing right next to her, a little too close for his liking. He resisted the urge to hiss a warning that would surely result in a battle between him and Kyle, in which Kyle would most likely be killed.

To his relief, she edged away from Kyle, putting a more comfortable distance between them. Kyle sagged his shoulders, but she didn’t seem to notice.

“If he comes, I want you to lead the team to safety. I’ll deal with him,” she said firmly.

“All right.” Kyle glanced at the dark gray walls again, as if the Shaded Darkling would emerge from the shadows at any moment. “But be careful.”

“I’m an Era Darkling. And don’t forget he taught me everything he knew,” she added.

No, not everything, the Darkling prince thought. Even he had secrets to keep.


He Was Afraid (a Darkening plot)


via Daily Prompt: Tremble

He hadn’t felt this fear since the day he touched the crystal and became what he’d always dreamed of being- a Shaded Darkling. Everything was finally going according to plan, except for the fact that she still wouldn’t talk to him. And now she was gone.

Maybe it was because she was the only person in the world who could get in his way. The only person who could make him stop. He didn’t want to stop, he longed for victory, there was still so much he had to do now that he had powers unlike anything he’d ever had before.

But she; he knew she wouldn’t allow that. No matter what he said to her, she was as stubborn as a mule (though he had no idea what a mule was; he guessed it must be pretty stubborn, she’d called him that a few times before). He would never win a battle against her- word or power wise.

Everything about her scared him now. She was out there, somewhere, possibly getting herself killed because that was what she was good at. Back then, he’d always been there to save her head- now, the Queen or King would probably send him to retrieve her head. But one thing still loomed above the rest;

She was the only one who could have saved him.

And now she was gone.

Until Now (a Darkening plot)


via Daily Prompt: Lovingly

The Queen had given him orders. He’d just chosen not to follow them. The son cannot always obey the mother after all, no matter how much he is afraid of her.

And he was very afraid. But he’d do anything to earn her forgiveness.

He snuck to the jail again at night, using his Shaded powers to blend and move through the shadows. He found her awake in her cell, later than usual.

“I thought you were asleep,” he said quietly. She didn’t reply.

He sighed. “Still not talking, hm?” He leaned against the wall across from her. She didn’t respond.

“I’ll have to make this quick,” he whispered, though he doubted she even cared at this point whether or not he came at all. “I’m not supposed to be here.”

She blinked her brown eyes at him- a question.

“My mother doesn’t want me near you.” He explained, then added, “But that won’t stop me from coming.”

Was that concern in her eyes? He couldn’t be sure. But he was intent on hanging on to any sign that said she still cared about him.

His ShadowReach was picking up vibrations- footsteps- beyond the prison. More footsteps than usual, they didn’t need that many guards in the Black Palace. He frowned. Glancing at her, he knew she had heard it too.

He moved to get up when her hand reached over and caught his. He looked at her in confusion. Her round eyes were wide and pleading, he saw small sparks of excitement behind them.

“What is it?” he asked. The footsteps were nearing.

She stayed silent, her hand gripping his wrist firmly. She wasn’t letting go. He patted her fingers gently. She hadn’t touched him in a long time- so why now?

Suddenly, the prison door burst open. He scrambled to his feet, tugging at his wrist, but she held on. People wearing black uniforms streamed into the jail, busting open cell bars, freeing their captured friends and comrades. His eyes caught the all too familiar red symbols on their jacket. He’d once worn the same uniform.

One of the Rebellion soldiers saw them and yelled her name. He paused when he saw the Shaded Darkling standing next to her.

You,” he breathed. “It’s you.”

“Kyle?” the Darkling said uncertainly.

“Traitor!” hissed Kyle and he lunged. The Darkling Prince dodged the slash of Kyle’s sword. Then, she stepped between them.

“Get out of the way,” snarled Kyle, eyes never leaving the Darkling.

She didn’t move. “He’s not worth it, Kyle.” Behind her, the Darkling winced. He’d been looking forward to the day when she’d speak to him again- he hadn’t imagined it would be this.

Kyle spat on the ground. “You don’t understand. He betrayed us all. He’s the reason Stacy’s dead, Kieth is dead, Brook is dead, it’s all his fault. And to think he was once our leader.”

At this, the Darkling’s eyes blazed red, thin black smoke began rising from his fingers. He bared the fangs that had drunk the life out of so many people. She noticed this, foresaw danger, and turned to face him. Calm brown eyes met his, he bit his lip and looked away, clenching his fists until the smoke disappeared. By now, the rest of the Rebellion soldiers were watching in awe at their former leader’s new power.

Kyle’s eyes were still full of hostility and distrust as he signaled to the soldiers that it was time to leave.

“You coming?” he said to her as everyone, the soldiers and prisoners, filed silently out of the prison.

“What, you’re leaving?” The Shaded Darkling stared at her in disbelief.

She gave him a small nod. “The Rebellion needs a Darkling.”

And suddenly, she said, “Come with us.”

He blinked at her in surprise. Kyle opened his mouth to protest, but she kept going.

“You’re their leader- if anyone can lead them to victory, it’s you. I can’t do this, I don’t even know everything there is to being an Era Darkling. I-”

“I can’t.” He didn’t dare meet her gaze as he said it. “You know as well as I do I’m not getting a second chance. There’s no life for me in the Rebellion.”

Silence. Kyle was quietly fuming to the side, working his fingers impatiently. The Shaded Darkling continued to stare at the ground, feeling her eyes on his face.

“So- I guess- there’s no life with me?” she whispered.

He started to say no, but realized with a sickening jolt it was true- they were not meant to be. When he didn’t say anything, she lowered her head…

And was gone.

He didn’t realize how much he loved her until now.