Four Lives in a Video Game- Act 4 (last one!)


Scene: Still in icy tundra scenery. Blizzard is still blowing fiercely.



ENAS: Here? Again? There must be something wrong with the system.


ENTER QUATTRO, who jumps in.


QUATTRO (pointing lightsaber at Enas) : Haha! I got you now!

ENAS (raises hands in surrender): Whoa, whoa, who you pointing that at?

QUATTRO: I’ve waited so long for this moment. I sacrificed three lives, three! You have been such a pain in the a- *ahem*- my backside. I got shot, stabbed, sliced. Three times, Enas. And you know who did it? Tell me, who did it?

ENAS: Well that’s obvious. Me, duh.

QUATTRO (thrusts lightsaber closer): Exactly. I realize the only way to solve my problems is to kill you. Oh, and I received word that whoever wins the game gets a million dollars. Whatdya know, guess who’s gonna win.

ENAS (deep in thought): Ah, let’s see. Hm…well….I guess….I actually don’t know….

QUATTRO: Me, that’s who!


QUATTRO laughs hysterically. ENAS seizes his chance, draws his lightsaber, and slashes QUATTRO’S stomach. QUATTRO stops in mid laughter and topples sideways to the ground.


ENAS: Finally. “I hope I never see you again”.


ENAS turns to adjust his belt.



WOMAN (gasps): Enas, I have found you!


ENAS screams, spins around, and slices WOMAN’S stomach. WOMAN falls to the ground. ENAS blinks in surprise, stares at WOMAN in confusion, shrugs, and walks away.


Curtains close.


Four Lives in a Video Game- Act 3


Scene: An icy tundra. Glaciers loom in the distance and a blizzard is blowing fiercely. ENTER ENAS.


ENAS: Of all the Star Wars biomes they could spawn me into, they choose a frickin’ ice waste? Have you creators gone mad?



QUATTRO (with red lightsaber): Halt!

ENAS: Who the heck are you?

QUATTRO (strikes mysterious/creepy smile): I…am Darth Vader!

ENAS: Wrong time period dude.

QUATTRO: I am Kylo Ren!

ENAS: Better. Where’s your mask?

QUATTRO: I am…. (dramatic effect)…. Exposed!

ENAS: Oh…good for you….You are so full of surprises.

QUATTRO: Wait a sec, aren’t you the same guy who shot me with a bullet and stabbed me with a musketeer sword?

ENAS (rolls eyes): No shit Sherlock.

QUATTRO: Bruh, you cost me two lives! Two! You know you only have four in all in this game?

ENAS: Well, yeah. (takes out lightsaber) Now show me what you got, Yoda.

QUATTRO: I thought I was Kylo Ren.

ENAS: Well you just turned short, green, and near bald. Deal with it.


QUATTRO and ENAS engage in combat with lightsabers. Another epic battle follows. ENAS is about to cut down QUATTRO when QUATTRO raises his hand.



ENAS (freezes): What?

QUATTRO: If you defeat me, you’ll have to turn into a girl.

ENAS: What in the name of-

QUATTRO: Did you not watch Rogue One? Rey defeats Kylo Ren.

ENAS: I don’t frickin’ care. (prepares to kill QUATTRO)

QUATTRO (raises hand again): Wait!

ENAS: What now?

QUATTRO (dramatic pause, then): LUKE I AM YOUR-


ENAS kills QUATTRO in one slash.


ENAS: Wrong time period dude. If that were true, I’d be your dad. (shudders) That’s scary.





WOMAN (panting): Enas? Enas! Where are you? Oh stupid blizzard. What is wrong with the creators? Enas?


WOMAN almost trips over QUATTRO on the ground and accidentally kicks his balls in the process.


QUATTRO: Lady! What is wrong with you?

WOMAN: You lost again?!

QUATTRO: No, you see nothing. (goes back to being dead)

WOMAN: Ah, with one slice of his mighty saber, Enas has cut down his foe once more!


QUATTRO gets up to protest but lies back down again after a glare from WOMAN.


WOMAN: With every level, I love him more! The next level is the final one! I will find him! Enas, charming prince that appears in every old disney princess movie, wait for me!



CIVILIAN drags QUATTRO off stage. EXIT

Drunk Men Want More (contains Mature content)


via Daily Prompt: Slur

It was a special day for Miri Murphy, a day she had been looking forward to for the past week. She glanced at her watch- in fifteen minutes, she would turn eighteen. It was an important number, one that marked the gateway to adulthood and beyond. She could not afford to miss it or treat it like any other birthday party. Today would be special. Today, she’d celebrate her birthday alone.

At last, Miri turned the corner and was met by the foggy glass door of Slunny’s Bar. The familiar smell of spilled beer and puke hit her the moment she set foot inside but she didn’t mind- she was used to it, being a regular face around here. Miri dodged a drunken man reaching out to hug her and flying wine droplets and set herself on a stool (she had to stand on her toes to climb on) at the counter.

Miri gave Slunny Simms, the bartender, a grin larger than she’d usually given him as he came for her order, polishing a glass like all bartenders do.

“The usual,” Miri said between smiles.

Simms grinned at her. “You sound like a customer in a movie.”

“It’s my B-day!” Miri went on, ignoring Simms’ comment.

Simms tilted his head. “My, my, turning eighteen I see. You’re growing up.”

“Yep, in about-” She glanced at her watch “- ten minutes.”

“Not going for something stronger?” Simms teased as he poured her a glass of wine.

Miri paused to think for a moment. “No…not quite there yet….”

The bartender smirked. “That’s right, you’re eighteen. Afraid too much could get you into- let’s say- trouble?” He set her glass in front of her.

She drank it in small sips, giving Simms a look of surprise. “Really- no, of course not- I’m not…too young….”

Simms leaned in closer to her and winked. “You’re in a bar. It’s normal.”

Miri hesitated and turned in her seat to look around. Most of the tables were full of howling men of all ages- the only women were standing beside their boyfriends, looking drunk and staring at their dates with dreamy eyes. Miri turned back to her wine.

“It’s never going to happen, Slunny,” Miri murmured.

“Of course not.” Simms smiled. “No man could even come near you.” He retreated to his cabinets and started organizing the bottles.

Miri was halfway done with her drink when she felt a warm hand on her shoulder. She nearly jumped and stared up at the man- unkempt hair flying everywhere, greasy beard that hadn’t been washed for days (maybe weeks), breathe that smelled like puke.

Miri didn’t know what to say.

“Go on, Larry! Quit stallin’!”

Miri peered around Larry’s burly body to see a rowdy table of men, all dirty, disorganized, and smelling of sewers. They stared at her with eyes that sent tremors down her spine.

Larry opened his mouth, revealing a row of decaying teeth, and said something that sounded like “Comyunomimi.”

Miri turned away and looked around frantically for Simms for help; to her horror, he was leaning against the counter, watching in amusement. Miri gave him a wide stare- Simms waved his fingers and shrugged You’re on your own.

Larry was coming for a second try. He cleared his throat, stained hand still on Miri’s shoulder and said, in a slightly slurred voice, “You lookin’ like a fine  lady today. How old’er ye?”

Miri didn’t reply. Larry’s grip on her shoulder tightened.

“Stubborn lil’ girl. Alone are ye?”

Another question. Miri didn’t answer- her heart was beating too fast.

“Yer comin’ home with me, then.” Larry smiled and Miri’s vision was filled with a not quite full set of rotting teeth.

She tugged her shoulder away but Larry held fast.

“Let go! I’m not going anywhere with you!” She was fully aware of the table behind Larry laughing hysterically. Larry’s shoulders were shaking with drunk giggles too.

“Do it look like ye have a choice?”

Without warning, Miri was dragged off the stool, surrounded by a ragged group of Larry’s friends, and pushed out the back door into the alley. Simms watched the entire show, merrily cleaning a glass. Like all bartenders do. Miri put up a good fight- she was sure she had nailed someone between the legs, she had heard a howl even in his drunken state- but the men were bigger and there were a lot more of them than her.  

Miri screamed with all her might but they were too far deep into the alley for her to be heard. Moments later, she was gagged and clawing at any face she could see as they dragged her into the darkest parts of the city. Miri wasn’t sure how many corners they had turned before the drunk gang halted.

They yanked her to the ground- her arms were being held firmly above her head. Miri’s eyes widened in horror as Larry trotted forward, a nasty smile plastered on his dirty face.

Someone whipped off her jacket. Then Miri felt someone lift up her shirt- she kicked in retaliation and two other men immediately pounced on her ankles. Miri writhed desperately but in vain- her shirt soon joined her jacket. Then with a yank that sent a muffled gasp through her gag, her bra was unclipped and throne aside. She stared down in shock at her exposed breasts and felt goosebumps spread along her chest as her skin touched the cold air.

Another man shoved her on her back and Miri saw the blue line of the sky above the gray buildings in the alley. Her spine touched the damp ground and she shivered. Her hands were tied tightly together above her head, the old rope biting at her wrists. She felt her belt slide away from her jeans and several hands yanked at her pants. Miri shrieked and kicked furiously, anything that would slow them down until help arrived. A highly unlikely chance.

When her pants were no longer a problem, the gang, minus the two who were holding down her legs, stood up to admire their work. Miri felt with a sudden twinge that her panties were the only protection she had left. She closed her eyes, lay still, and whimpered in defeat.

They were on her like a pack of wolves. Her panties went flying and the two men holding her legs spread them wide, revealing her vulnerable clitoris. Tears streaked down Miri’s face as she waited for a birthday gift she would never forget.

Writing Tips 5


There are many little things in life that you don’t catch if you don’t pay close attention. It’s these little things that give your book feeling and sensation. The sound of the wind, the beat of footsteps, the way people talk. These things help create your character and make them lively and more relatable.

Exercise: For one week, take note of all the little details in your surroundings. This includes nature’s noises, the way people talk, the way people walk, the way nature moves, the things people wear, nature’s appearance, etc.

If you ever run out of things to write or have a feeling your chapter’s too short, these little details can come in handy. But make sure not to add too much- you don’t want to bore the reader with details and explanations.


via Daily Prompt: Replacement

The semester has finally ended. Our electives are changing and some of our schedules as well. Full year electives stay the same. I was supposed to be a full year too.

I got off my carpool and entered the school grounds. My friend Timi waved me over with her usual Timi-like smile. Then she went back to strangling Rain.

“What in the world?” I blinked as Timi threw herself on Rain’s back.

“Rain caught me on snapchat and she’s going to post it on her story!” explained Timi. She shot Rain a look.

“I never said that!” Rain protested.

“Yeah right.” Timi rolled her eyes. They lit up when she spotted another of her friends and was off in a flash.

“Where’s the picture?” I asked. Rain slipped out her phone and showed me a horrified Timi in the snapchat dog filter. I laughed.

“Definitely post it,” I said. Rain nodded her head in agreement and started tapping on the screen.

The bell echoed its long low ring through the throng of students. We headed our separate ways, Rain to the locker rooms and me to the thirty’s wing. As usual, I was the first to walk through the door.

My elective teacher Hieitan shot me a look from her seat in front of the computer.

“What are you doing here?” she asked, glaring at me.

I stopped short and answered stupidly, “Huh?”

“You didn’t know?” Hieitan smiled innocently. “You’ve been replaced.”

“Huh?” was my answer again.

Hieitan’s smile faltered a bit. “Replaced. Understand? You’re in computers now.”

I was about to say another monosyllable answer when I remembered. My original elective was supposed to be full year. From the very first day, Hieitan and I didn’t get along well. And, as the teacher, she had the upper hand. So she had talked to my parents and switched me out of her class. Into computers. She hated me that much.

Having wasted too much time in my confusion, I hurried to the twenty’s wing, which was across the school. I had one foot through the door when the tardy bell rang. Saved.

In the locker rooms, Preya Martinez from my original elective came up to me with a disappointed look on her face.

“You were replaced!” she exclaimed.

“Don’t state the obvious,” I answered gloomily.

“Replaced!” she repeated. “By Star Tang!”

“Star?” I frowned. “Why would she want my elective?”

“Her mom is Hieitan’s childhood friend. And your elective had a limited amount of spots,” said Preya.

“No wonder.” I change into my PE clothes and stepped outside into the freezing cold.

“Replaced,” I whispered in the chilling wind. “Brilliant.”

Aw Snap….


via Daily Prompt: Exposure

Oh shit.

So what happens when one gets ‘exposed’?

And not the kind of thing where your best friend jokes around and publicly humiliates you by bringing up an embarrassing childhood memory and everybody goes, “Ooo, exposed!”

No, I mean when one (me) is caught lying. To their best friend. Exposed? Don’t think that’s the right word for it.

I did like him. Like. We were only friends. I guess he thought we were more than that. My friend June asked me who I was going to choose to the Dance next Friday. Well, I guess she thought I would choose Darren too. And…when I told her the name on my mind, she freaked. No big deal. June freaks all the time.

I didn’t know it would get serious. Didn’t know it would spread through the school and sting me like a swarm of bees.

He’s so mad. So, so mad. Even June’s mad at me. What did I do? Confess my true feelings! That’s about it!

I know one of the things readers look for is the romance in a story. Without it, the book would just be an adventure. People seek love, a dangerous purpose in life.



Believe me, I know.

It Was the Computer’s Fault….


I think I try too hard. Last night, I was THIS close to writing a full book. THIS close. Stayed up all night trying to write the PERFECT ending, all the time being like, “NO. This is CRAP. Redo it NOW.”

Rewrote the ending a hundred times, for three hours. Face was BURNING hot and I think I got a fever cuz the rest of me was FREEZING cold. There’s something wrong with me.

After three hours, I ended up staring at the computer screen for half an hour more, thinking, “Is this it?! Did I get it? Did I finally achieve my everlasting DREAM?!”

Then the computer got all sassy and said, “Ah, NO.”

I frickin’ just want to stab a knife in its face and be done with life. In my anger, I deleted everything I wrote, everything that took me months to do, every single word. I trashed it several times. Trash permanently? Why not.


That’s about the end of my writing career. Then my mom came over, put a hand on my head, and sent me straight to bed. It was 2:00 AM anyway. Just one problem.

I was too tired to sleep. Is that normal? When you’re so tired you don’t even have the energy to sleep anymore.


This is all the computer’s fault.

via Daily Prompt: Overworked

I wish I was Beautiful….


I like my hair. But when it’s messy, I don’t rush to the nearest mirror I can find to check on it. My breasts are okay. But I have friends with bigger boobs than mine. My hip curves slightly. Slightly. (Or maybe I’m desperate for it to be that way?) There are lots of other girls who have body shapes that attract the males like bees.

Why am I noticing all this? Am I jelly? Is there something wrong with me? When I’m writing fictional stories, I realize that I have control over the entire fiction world. I get to decide who becomes what and the choices they make. I can create an extremely smart person or an incredibly beautiful one. Or I can make an ugly bastard and an unpopular idiot.

But in reality, I’m a normal person with a normal body, normal house, normal family, and normal neighborhood, going to a normal school in a normal world. I’m normal. I hate it. I wish I was beautiful. But I’m not.


via Daily Prompt: Aesthetic

So It’s My First Day Here…


First day on WordPress. I feel like a loser. Have to start from the very bottom again and work my way to the top. Staring at the distance and be like, “It’s so far away….”

And it is pretty far. I know I’m not gonna get a million reads right away. And I know I’m not gonna become a bestselling writer overnight.

Wish I could.

Wish life worked that way.

But it doesn’t. I tells me to shut my trap and be patient. To hell with patience, it’s not what I asked for. But that would make me spoiled, getting whatever I want, whenever I say I want it.

Trying my luck in multiple websites, publishing stories and everything. Currently not doing very well. I keep telling myself, “There will never be a perfect, damn, fudging site for you.”

But I’ll try anyway.

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