He Was Afraid (a Darkening plot)


via Daily Prompt: Tremble

He hadn’t felt this fear since the day he touched the crystal and became what he’d always dreamed of being- a Shaded Darkling. Everything was finally going according to plan, except for the fact that she still wouldn’t talk to him. And now she was gone.

Maybe it was because she was the only person in the world who could get in his way. The only person who could make him stop. He didn’t want to stop, he longed for victory, there was still so much he had to do now that he had powers unlike anything he’d ever had before.

But she; he knew she wouldn’t allow that. No matter what he said to her, she was as stubborn as a mule (though he had no idea what a mule was; he guessed it must be pretty stubborn, she’d called him that a few times before). He would never win a battle against her- word or power wise.

Everything about her scared him now. She was out there, somewhere, possibly getting herself killed because that was what she was good at. Back then, he’d always been there to save her head- now, the Queen or King would probably send him to retrieve her head. But one thing still loomed above the rest;

She was the only one who could have saved him.

And now she was gone.

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