Show Not Tell

Today’s Tip: Show Not Tell Details are essential to a good story. It builds the setting, moves the plot forward, and creates tension that makes readers sit at the edge of their seats. If you guys like show and tell, I’m sorry to say that this is show NOT tell. Who: Showing not Telling What: … Continue reading Show Not Tell

Writing Tips 16

Today’s Tip: Groups If you’re reading this right now, you’re already in one. Some people find this helpful, others prefer independence. However, writing groups can come in handy when you’re writing your story. Who: Groups What: group of writers who give each other feedback on their works When: anytime Where: wherever you chose to meet … Continue reading Writing Tips 16

Writing Tips 15

Today’s Tip: Revision Every author’s gotta go back to revise their story. You can’t expect your novel to be the perfect bestseller on the first try. If it is, OMG TELL ME YOUR SECRET. MUST. HAVE. I know it’s a pain to go through all of that hard work only to go through it again. … Continue reading Writing Tips 15

Writing Tips 14

Today’s Tip: Writer’s Block Again I know I've talked about this somewhere in my earlier tips. We can never get rid of writer’s block. It just something that comes with. Every writer is afraid of it and often, writers succumb to it. It’s dangerous, it’s discouraging, and it’s a writer’s worst enemy. Who: Writer’s Block … Continue reading Writing Tips 14

Writing Tips 13

Today’s Tip: Ending Well, we’ve talked a lot about beginnings. Now let’s explore the endings. Endings are just as important as beginnings, if not more crucial. For a series, the ending of one book determines whether or not the reader will read the next one. Who: Endings What: how the story finishes Where: at the … Continue reading Writing Tips 13

Writing Tips 12 (it’s been a while…)

Today’s Tip: Point of View The three most common POVs in novels are first person, third person, and third person omniscient. First person includes pronouns like “me, myself, and I”. Third person uses “he, she, him, her”. Third person omniscient means “the all knowing”, which is when you know every character’s thoughts and feelings, not … Continue reading Writing Tips 12 (it’s been a while…)

Writing Activity!

Read half of a book- exactly half! You can either cut the number of chapters in half or cut the number of pages in half. If it's the number of pages, you can finish the chapter. After reading half of the book, set it aside and write what you think will happen next. Write like … Continue reading Writing Activity!

I think someone has a massive crush on me.

via Daily Prompt: Massive Max Aer Still Stares Into me Very Eagerly   You’re probably thinking this is your classic teen drama. Guy likes girl, but girl doesn’t like him back (me being that girl). But it’s different- by a little bit, but that still counts. For teenagers out there who know what I’m talking … Continue reading I think someone has a massive crush on me.

Writing Tips 11

Today’s Tip: Setting Your setting is your world. Without your world, there would be no you. Without you, there would be no story. So basically, you need a setting. No novel can go without one- I challenge all of you to write a story without a setting and send it to me! Who: Setting What: … Continue reading Writing Tips 11