Writing Tips 14


Today’s Tip: Writer’s Block Again

I know I’ve talked about this somewhere in my earlier tips. We can never get rid of writer’s block. It just something that comes with. Every writer is afraid of it and often, writers succumb to it. It’s dangerous, it’s discouraging, and it’s a writer’s worst enemy.

Who: Writer’s Block

What: a time when writers run out of ideas or are stuck on one part of a story

When: you lose the essential “sense of direction”

Where: anywhere in the story, often between the beginning and the middle.

Why: to discourage writers from finishing their future novels

How: How do you overcome it? I actually don’t know. I’ve tried a bunch of different methods. Sometimes, when I meet writer’s block, I stop writing for a few days and then come back to the story. I would’ve collected ideas by then. Other times, I set the story aside and forget about it. That’s the option I fear the most, not being able to finish something I started. Often, it’s because I’ve thought of a new, maybe “better” story to write about and the old one just loses its interest. So how do you keep writing? It depends on what kind of writer you are. If you want to take a break, then take a break, but please please please don’t forget about your story. If you want to continue, then you can try asking yourself multiple questions. What is the character thinking? What are the other characters thinking? Is now the time for the archnemesis to appear? Try your best to keep writing. Just know that you’re not the only one who’s battling writer’s block.

Activity: Jot down a list of every little idea that comes to mind. When you think you’ve got enough, incorporate them into your story. Also, before writing a chapter, take note of which direction the chapter will take your characters and KEEP IT IN MIND. Do not lose track or you will get lost.

Writing Tips 3


Today’s Tip: Hanging On to Your Ideas

There are times when I’m in such a good mood for writing, but run out of things to write about. Then, a few hours later, when I’m in bed, a ton of ideas come flooding in my head- talk about poor timing.

Today’s tip is kind of connected to our first writing tip on patience. At one point in a writer’s life, they’re heads will be full of ideas, they don’t know which one to use first. The truth is you can’t do all of them. You won’t be able to get anything done. In fact, your ideas run out faster if you write more than one genre or subgenre at one time.

Pick one idea- you can jot down the rest on a piece of paper for later use- and develop on that idea. If you want, you can publish all of your ideas into one book- mash them altogether into one story. I do that sometimes and it’s actually not that bad.

Once you pick the idea, you have to finish the idea. Writing half a story and then deserting it doesn’t help. It’ll get you nowhere. If you never finish the idea, you lose the chance of publishing what may become the next Harry Potter. Have faith in what you write! After finishing the story, you can work on yet another idea from your ideas list and so on. But always remember to hang on until the end!