Weekly Art: Vi-Rex


You should know you could do anything,

Even build an epic time machine,

That brings you back to the age of dinosaurs,

So you can find what you’re looking for.


It’s your program you are the world

You can change the book, change all the words.

But if you miss one little bend,

You should know the trouble, know what you can send.


Back in prehistoric times, everybody wants

When the screen goes blank and white,

Really, that’s no fun.


When the signs are flashing in bright red text,

The virus does what it does best.

Back in prehistoric times, everybody wants

To see the Vi- Rex.

Weekly Art: Ground Spider


My Ground Spider

Flying from the earth.

Ripping up the world like it doesn’t even hurt.

Feel it’s power, seeping through the rocks.

There’s no way to keep it on a lock.


I’ll be watching from my place on Earth.

Smiling all the way like it’s a new birth.

It’s time to end this, it’s driving me insane.

When I know the world will never be the same.


My Ground Spider.

Weekly Art: Scar of the Dragon


(art is mine)

He watches

the Kingdom before him.

It is Grand

a Masterpiece.

Towers so high, reaching for the Sky

and Beyond, of course.

The Home of the Dragons

where he belongs.

Of all Sizes and Shapes,

they dart in and out of grand Spires.

Colors of the Thing that forms in the Mist after the Rain

and Colors he cannot describe.

They are beautiful colors.

Light dawns on the City

from the Sun as it rises from behind the Mountains,

taking its daily course

across the Land.

But then, he opens his eyes

and all he thought has vanished.

There are no more Dragons.

He is the only one left.

And all he sees is the Dark.

There is no Sun, no Light,

for he cannot See.