Weekly Art: Vi-Rex

You should know you could do anything, Even build an epic time machine, That brings you back to the age of dinosaurs, So you can find what you’re looking for.   It’s your program you are the world You can change the book, change all the words. But if you miss one little bend, You … Continue reading Weekly Art: Vi-Rex

Weekly Art: Cross Bone

Lying in the midst of all the Dust to blow, Sand is coming, so with History I’ll go. There’s bound to be a way to keep this, This Life in my hands. There’s bound to be a way to keep this, On my Cross Bone.   Should’ve listened to my Elders before I flew here, … Continue reading Weekly Art: Cross Bone

Didn’t Give a Fair Trial

My friends and I are always out, but people never seem to notice us. My friends and I are all around but people really don't care about us. My friends never smile, since the day they broke us all up. Didn't give a fair trial, trying to make a fool out of us. I'm serious … Continue reading Didn’t Give a Fair Trial

Weekly Art: Ground Spider

My Ground Spider Flying from the earth. Ripping up the world like it doesn’t even hurt. Feel it’s power, seeping through the rocks. There’s no way to keep it on a lock.   I’ll be watching from my place on Earth. Smiling all the way like it’s a new birth. It’s time to end this, … Continue reading Weekly Art: Ground Spider

No Shit Sherlock

C’mon you know you want to, C’mon out with me. Heheh.   Dance, dance with your friends, Feeling like it’ll never end. Go, go, take it slow, When you go down, gotta get back in the show.   There’s no need for you to state the obvious. It doesn’t have to come from your mouth … Continue reading No Shit Sherlock

Too Many Secrets, Too Many Faces

I’ve heard too many secrets, From too many faces, It’s these kinds of places I don’t want to be.   I’ve seen too many things, Oh way too many things, I’ve got to Stop thinking About them.   I said I heard That you were spilling my privacy to the world. You said you heard … Continue reading Too Many Secrets, Too Many Faces

So Keep It Clean for the Children Please

There are certain things you shouldn't say, It's not for your age, so it's not okay. You may hear adults say things like "Hey! And lots of words I can't explain." This is between just you and me, So keep it clean for the children, please. There are certain things you shouldn't know, like how … Continue reading So Keep It Clean for the Children Please