Four Lives in a Video Game- Act 4 (last one!)

Scene: Still in icy tundra scenery. Blizzard is still blowing fiercely. ENTER ENAS   ENAS: Here? Again? There must be something wrong with the system.   ENTER QUATTRO, who jumps in.   QUATTRO (pointing lightsaber at Enas) : Haha! I got you now! ENAS (raises hands in surrender): Whoa, whoa, who you pointing that at? … Continue reading Four Lives in a Video Game- Act 4 (last one!)

Writing Tips 9

  Today’s Tip: Dialogue If you’re a writer, you should know the basics of writing. One of these basics is that dialogue moves the plot along. Today’s topic is the talking. Who: Dialogue What: the words characters say in a story to move the plot along When: anytime Where: in between actions to keep the … Continue reading Writing Tips 9