Dense Circle (Warriors Cats fanfic)

       Goldenpaw kept low the ground, careful to keep her tail still and above the leaves. The trees cast shadows across the undergrowth and in the distance, the horizon was beginning to turn pink.         Goldenpaw crept forward, picking her way over twigs and fallen branches. The smell of mouse filled … Continue reading Dense Circle (Warriors Cats fanfic)

Coal Field (Warriors Cats fanfic)

(I forgot to use the word pursue. Nevermind, I just did.) Blazepaw let Icedawn take the lead as the two cats padded quietly through the dark pine forest. Above them, slim rays of sunlight filtered through the dense pine needles, casting small circles of light on the smooth floor. Blazepaw picked his way silently through … Continue reading Coal Field (Warriors Cats fanfic)

Blast Fly (Warriors Cats fanfic)

“It’s only temporary.” Blazepaw glanced at the white she-cat sitting next to him and flicked his tail warily. In the clearing, the cats of ShadowClan were beginning to slip out of their dens, stretching in the morning sunlight. The dawn patrol had already left and Sunclaw, the ShadowClan deputy, was busy organizing hunting and border … Continue reading Blast Fly (Warriors Cats fanfic)

Show Not Tell

Today’s Tip: Show Not Tell Details are essential to a good story. It builds the setting, moves the plot forward, and creates tension that makes readers sit at the edge of their seats. If you guys like show and tell, I’m sorry to say that this is show NOT tell. Who: Showing not Telling What: … Continue reading Show Not Tell

Writing Tips 16

Today’s Tip: Groups If you’re reading this right now, you’re already in one. Some people find this helpful, others prefer independence. However, writing groups can come in handy when you’re writing your story. Who: Groups What: group of writers who give each other feedback on their works When: anytime Where: wherever you chose to meet … Continue reading Writing Tips 16