Writing Tips 12 (it’s been a while…)

Today’s Tip: Point of View The three most common POVs in novels are first person, third person, and third person omniscient. First person includes pronouns like “me, myself, and I”. Third person uses “he, she, him, her”. Third person omniscient means “the all knowing”, which is when you know every character’s thoughts and feelings, not … Continue reading Writing Tips 12 (it’s been a while…)

Writing Activity!

Read half of a book- exactly half! You can either cut the number of chapters in half or cut the number of pages in half. If it's the number of pages, you can finish the chapter. After reading half of the book, set it aside and write what you think will happen next. Write like … Continue reading Writing Activity!

I think someone has a massive crush on me.

via Daily Prompt: Massive Max Aer Still Stares Into me Very Eagerly   You’re probably thinking this is your classic teen drama. Guy likes girl, but girl doesn’t like him back (me being that girl). But it’s different- by a little bit, but that still counts. For teenagers out there who know what I’m talking … Continue reading I think someone has a massive crush on me.

Writing Tips 11

Today’s Tip: Setting Your setting is your world. Without your world, there would be no you. Without you, there would be no story. So basically, you need a setting. No novel can go without one- I challenge all of you to write a story without a setting and send it to me! Who: Setting What: … Continue reading Writing Tips 11

Four Lives in a Video Game- Act 4 (last one!)

Scene: Still in icy tundra scenery. Blizzard is still blowing fiercely. ENTER ENAS   ENAS: Here? Again? There must be something wrong with the system.   ENTER QUATTRO, who jumps in.   QUATTRO (pointing lightsaber at Enas) : Haha! I got you now! ENAS (raises hands in surrender): Whoa, whoa, who you pointing that at? … Continue reading Four Lives in a Video Game- Act 4 (last one!)

Writing Tips 10

It may be just me, but sometimes I get stuck on the very first chapter of writing a novel/story and I just give up the whole idea, thinking “I’ll never be an author, never make something big, this is shit.” You get me? Who: Beginnings What: the hook that grabs your reader’s attention and makes … Continue reading Writing Tips 10

Four Lives in a Video Game- Act 3

Scene: An icy tundra. Glaciers loom in the distance and a blizzard is blowing fiercely. ENTER ENAS.   ENAS: Of all the Star Wars biomes they could spawn me into, they choose a frickin’ ice waste? Have you creators gone mad? ENTER QUATTRO   QUATTRO (with red lightsaber): Halt! ENAS: Who the heck are you? … Continue reading Four Lives in a Video Game- Act 3