Writing Tips 7


Today’s Tip: The Characters

There is no story without the characters in it. It’s just not possible. If some of you writers out there who want to take a challenge, write a story that doesn’t contain a character and send it to me. Remember, not only are people characters, but plants, animals, and objects count as well.

You’ve probably seen a bunch of character profile forms or character generators on the Internet. Those things are helpful- use them, they’re there for a reason. But have you ever felt that no matter which character maker you use, you just can’t find the right one to create the right character for your story?

I feel you. That’s why you create your own character layout, one that suits you perfectly and creates the perfect protagonists, antagonists, and story contributors. This is your novel, your book, and all stories are unique. So are their characters. If you can write a few chapters, I’m sure you can create a character form just for you. You don’t have to go online and try and find the right generator when the right generator is really you.  

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