In Hell



When she died, I felt no sadness.

When she lived, I held the pain.

When she lied, I showed her kindness.

When she cared, I forgot her name.


If you see her walking on the streets,

Tell her I hated her so.

But if you see her up in Heaven’s gates,

I want you to let her know:


When she laughed and danced with all her joy,

The stars fell from the night.

When she cried and became just a toy,

I smiled and told her why.


If she sends me letters through the mail,

I’ll rip them and burn them black.

But if she sends me letters falling from the sky,

I will have to give them back,


With signature in cursive,

And a message telling the truth.

Before you left this world, I was

In Hell, below you.

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