Writing Tips 3


Today’s Tip: Hanging On to Your Ideas

There are times when I’m in such a good mood for writing, but run out of things to write about. Then, a few hours later, when I’m in bed, a ton of ideas come flooding in my head- talk about poor timing.

Today’s tip is kind of connected to our first writing tip on patience. At one point in a writer’s life, they’re heads will be full of ideas, they don’t know which one to use first. The truth is you can’t do all of them. You won’t be able to get anything done. In fact, your ideas run out faster if you write more than one genre or subgenre at one time.

Pick one idea- you can jot down the rest on a piece of paper for later use- and develop on that idea. If you want, you can publish all of your ideas into one book- mash them altogether into one story. I do that sometimes and it’s actually not that bad.

Once you pick the idea, you have to finish the idea. Writing half a story and then deserting it doesn’t help. It’ll get you nowhere. If you never finish the idea, you lose the chance of publishing what may become the next Harry Potter. Have faith in what you write! After finishing the story, you can work on yet another idea from your ideas list and so on. But always remember to hang on until the end!


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