A Clean Kill (a Darkening plot)


via Daily Prompt: Clean

He muttered a code, opened the door, and lead his men through.

The Balance soldiers followed him without a word into one of the hallways in the Changing House. This hallway was dimly lit, with dark gray walls and a matching floor; a Balance-controlled hallway. Hallways controlled by the Rebellion were light gray while those waiting to be conquered were pure white.

The Shaded Darkling led the troop down the hallway and around the corner. Balance occupied a huge expanse of territory in the Changing House but the house itself was the size of a city. The dark gray walls stared gloomily at them as they passed. Then slowly, the dark gray turned a lighter shade- then even lighter still- until the walls were a blinding white.

The Darkling winced. The walls seemed to be glowing, piercing his sensitive eyes with their white light. Immediately, he scolded himself for showing weakness- he had yet to gain his soldiers’ trust, being the former Rebellion leader and all. They reached the end of the hallway and he raised his hand for a halt.

Rebellion soldiers around the corner- he could sense them- their familiar thoughts and tense yet warm emotions filled his mind and heart. Memories flooded into his head- memories quickly pushed away by a shadow in his brain. He shook his head, waved his hand at his soldiers, and prepared himself for, hopefully, a clean kill.

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