Writing Tips 1


Writing is really hard. As in really, really difficult. Or is it just me? I like writing novels and towards the middle of the story, I get stuck. Writer’s block. I hate it so much and I’m sure the feeling’s mutual. In my many failed attempts at trying to complete a story, I’ve developed some tips for myself. I note them down and when I look back at them, I find them useful. I hope you do too!

The tip for today is to be patient with what you write.

Writer’s block hits me every single time. You can’t escape it, no matter how hard you try. It will always be there, even if you close your eyes, count to ten, and open them again. It’s there- you just have to cross it. And I can tell you, once you’ve crossed the first block, the rest will be a serious piece of cake.

Take J.K. Rowling’s famous Harry Potter series for example. Harry Potter wasn’t immediately excepted by publishers- actually, most people didn’t think Rowling would make much out of children’s books. But she was patient and Harry Potter turned out to be a worldwide celebrity!

Patience is the magic word. If you’re suffering through major Writer’s Block, put the story aside for a few days. Often, Writer’s Block results from lacking new ideas. Take time to collect your creativity and your story will be as good as new! Trust me, I’ve suffered, I’ve worried myself sick (literally), but I’m not giving up. Don’t let the pencil or the paper or the computer screen beat you (death by pencil- amazing), become the pencil, paper, and computer screen.

And don’t forget to stay healthy. You don’t want to end up like me 😛

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