He Smells Like Blood (a Darkening plot)


via Daily Prompt: Scent

He came to visit her once every week. She couldn’t keep track, but he told her anyway. And each time he stepped into the prison cell, the room was filled with the scent of blood.

She didn’t want to ask, but she badly wanted to know. Who had he killed this time? Who’s blood stained his fangs when he tried to smile at her? Brook’s? Kieth’s? Kyle’s?


She could sense him growing more and more powerful each time he visited. The Rebellion was falling, she knew that from the increased amount of prisoners that arrived every day. But the cells were never full- as new captives came in, the old ones were taken out. She never saw them again.

The Royals didn’t bother with her. As an Era Darkling, she was both valuable and dangerous. She was not to be freed or killed, but to stay in her cell until the King changed his mind. Or until forever.

That was what he had told her. And each time, when he left, her prison would be haunted by the scent of blood.

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