Four Lives in a Video Game- Act 2

Scene: Bustling streets of a medieval city. Horses are pulling wagons stacked high with barrels. Small stalls are lined on either side of the main street. Sellers are competing with prices and goods. People yell at each other and jostle each other to hurry to their next destination. ENTER ENAS ENAS: Ah. A medieval city, … Continue reading Four Lives in a Video Game- Act 2

Weekly Art: Vi-Rex

You should know you could do anything, Even build an epic time machine, That brings you back to the age of dinosaurs, So you can find what you’re looking for.   It’s your program you are the world You can change the book, change all the words. But if you miss one little bend, You … Continue reading Weekly Art: Vi-Rex

Writing Tips 9

  Today’s Tip: Dialogue If you’re a writer, you should know the basics of writing. One of these basics is that dialogue moves the plot along. Today’s topic is the talking. Who: Dialogue What: the words characters say in a story to move the plot along When: anytime Where: in between actions to keep the … Continue reading Writing Tips 9

Drunk Men Want More (contains Mature content)

via Daily Prompt: Slur It was a special day for Miri Murphy, a day she had been looking forward to for the past week. She glanced at her watch- in fifteen minutes, she would turn eighteen. It was an important number, one that marked the gateway to adulthood and beyond. She could not afford to … Continue reading Drunk Men Want More (contains Mature content)

Four Lives in a Video Game- Act 1

Cast Quattro Enas Random Stalker Civilian   Script Act 1 Scene: A bar set in a town in the West during the cowboy ages. There are many tables with people gambling and drinking ale. QUATTRO is sitting at one of these tables, drinking his beer and eying everyone suspiciously. ENTER ENAS.   ENAS (approaching QUATTRO’S … Continue reading Four Lives in a Video Game- Act 1

Weekly Art: Cross Bone

Lying in the midst of all the Dust to blow, Sand is coming, so with History I’ll go. There’s bound to be a way to keep this, This Life in my hands. There’s bound to be a way to keep this, On my Cross Bone.   Should’ve listened to my Elders before I flew here, … Continue reading Weekly Art: Cross Bone

Didn’t Give a Fair Trial

My friends and I are always out, but people never seem to notice us. My friends and I are all around but people really don't care about us. My friends never smile, since the day they broke us all up. Didn't give a fair trial, trying to make a fool out of us. I'm serious … Continue reading Didn’t Give a Fair Trial

The Sound of Bones Cracking (a Darkening plot)

via Daily Prompt: Sound He flicked his wrist and slammed the Rebellion soldier’s shadow against the white wall. Seconds later, the soldier’s body followed. He did this a couple more times until the wall was smeared with the red from the soldier’s previous wounds and he heard the satisfying crack of something breaking. Then he … Continue reading The Sound of Bones Cracking (a Darkening plot)

He’s Not Joking… (a Darkening plot)

via Daily Prompt: Seriousness She was free. After months of being locked in a cell with only the prisoners and guards for company, she was back in the game, the Rebellion. Well, he had come and visited her every week too. She didn’t want to show it, but she had looked forward to his visits. … Continue reading He’s Not Joking… (a Darkening plot)