The New Prince (a Darkening plot)

via Daily Prompt: Replacement

When the Rebellion still trusted him- when they were still at war with the Royals- when he was still their leader, there was one person he feared the most. His brother.

Jealousy had always run through the family. His grandparents on his father’s side had tried to poison his father when he was young. The plan failed- King Zain was a Darkling and Darklings were not to be trifled with. Zain himself had murdered his older brother when he ascended to the throne, thus clearing a path for him to the title of King.

And now he, the former leader of the Rebellion and newfound Darkling, would get rid of all threats to his inheritance of the throne- including taking down his younger brother Prince Sean.

Sean had always been the favorite son. Born with the powers of a Mezma Darkling, he’d been the King’s and Queen’s satisfaction after their disappointment with their first son. Soon it became more and more apparent that Sean would be the proper heir to the throne.

So the future leader of the Rebellion had been afraid. And he was right to be afraid. Several years later, he was branded useless and exiled from the Black Palace. Why his parents didn’t just kill him on the spot, he didn’t know. Maybe they were hoping he’d gain his powers later on? Maybe they were hoping he’d die in a skirmish between Balance and the Underlings?

He’d been so afraid of Sean back then. There was always a possibility that his younger brother would behead him someday or brainwash his mind to kill himself. Mind control was a typical skill used by Mezma Darklings so it wouldn’t have been a surprise. His parents would have gladly allowed him to be Sean’s test subject.

But not anymore. He was immune to those powers now. Shadows fogged his mind, blinding mind control, and his hidden attack and shapeshifting ability could stump any Darkling, let alone a human. He was the rarest of the rare- a Shaded Darkling.

Now it was Sean’s turn to be afraid. Because hidden behind every shadow, in every corner, through every hallway were eyes- whispering, watching, and waiting.

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