via Daily Prompt: Replacement

The semester has finally ended. Our electives are changing and some of our schedules as well. Full year electives stay the same. I was supposed to be a full year too.

I got off my carpool and entered the school grounds. My friend Timi waved me over with her usual Timi-like smile. Then she went back to strangling Rain.

“What in the world?” I blinked as Timi threw herself on Rain’s back.

“Rain caught me on snapchat and she’s going to post it on her story!” explained Timi. She shot Rain a look.

“I never said that!” Rain protested.

“Yeah right.” Timi rolled her eyes. They lit up when she spotted another of her friends and was off in a flash.

“Where’s the picture?” I asked. Rain slipped out her phone and showed me a horrified Timi in the snapchat dog filter. I laughed.

“Definitely post it,” I said. Rain nodded her head in agreement and started tapping on the screen.

The bell echoed its long low ring through the throng of students. We headed our separate ways, Rain to the locker rooms and me to the thirty’s wing. As usual, I was the first to walk through the door.

My elective teacher Hieitan shot me a look from her seat in front of the computer.

“What are you doing here?” she asked, glaring at me.

I stopped short and answered stupidly, “Huh?”

“You didn’t know?” Hieitan smiled innocently. “You’ve been replaced.”

“Huh?” was my answer again.

Hieitan’s smile faltered a bit. “Replaced. Understand? You’re in computers now.”

I was about to say another monosyllable answer when I remembered. My original elective was supposed to be full year. From the very first day, Hieitan and I didn’t get along well. And, as the teacher, she had the upper hand. So she had talked to my parents and switched me out of her class. Into computers. She hated me that much.

Having wasted too much time in my confusion, I hurried to the twenty’s wing, which was across the school. I had one foot through the door when the tardy bell rang. Saved.

In the locker rooms, Preya Martinez from my original elective came up to me with a disappointed look on her face.

“You were replaced!” she exclaimed.

“Don’t state the obvious,” I answered gloomily.

“Replaced!” she repeated. “By Star Tang!”

“Star?” I frowned. “Why would she want my elective?”

“Her mom is Hieitan’s childhood friend. And your elective had a limited amount of spots,” said Preya.

“No wonder.” I change into my PE clothes and stepped outside into the freezing cold.

“Replaced,” I whispered in the chilling wind. “Brilliant.”

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