He Was Their Destruction (a Darkening plot)

destruction-005via Daily Prompt: Devastation

His fingers brushed against the core and everything changed.

That was the moment when the future altered its course to a new path. A Darkling path. He felt the power vibrate down his arm, through his legs, reaching his heart. It was a spot at first, like a drop of water on a blank piece of paper. Then it began to pour. Onto his soul, black poison rained down and drenched him in power. It stretched its tendrils into his mind and he opened his mouth in a silent scream.

Watching from his side, helpless, bleeding, was her. Her eyes took in the change in his look, his clothes, everything. His hair grew longer. Then the color began to fade from the black strands. Starting from the tip, it was as if the ink was slowly draining from his hair, turning it white. When she looked closer, she realized it was blonde, the lightest shade of blonde she’d ever seen. The blonde of a Kyren.

His black Rebellion uniform was gone too. In its place was a long white jacket made of silk that shone in the piercing light. Golden buttons lined the front, fastened together with matching golden ribbons. His boots were white too, laced with bright gold.

The person she had known before was gone. This was not him. Someone had come out of him; someone she never knew existed.

Until now.

He opened his eyes. Blazing red shot out of his pupils like flames licking at her face. The eyes of a Kyren heir. She clutched her bleeding bullet wound, feeling the fire intensify.

He smiled.

This was the downfall of the Rebellion. In the end, Balance would not destroy their greatest enemy. Their destruction would be him. He who led his men to victory. He who trained her to be what she thought she would never become. He who had become the closest friend she’d ever had.

He who would destroy everything he ever created.

I believe it to be best if you read my other post “He Didn’t See Her Coming” before this one. It’ll make more sense. Hopefully.


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