He Didn’t See Her Coming (a Darkening plot)


via Daily Prompt: Oversight

His plan had been perfect.

Soon, all his struggles would be over. He wouldn’t have to worry about the entire Rebellion’s future in the palm of his hand. His fingers would curl, slowly at first, but inevitably. And when they closed into a fist, power would engulf him and he would become a Royal. A Darkling. What he’d always wanted to be.

That plan had been perfect.

But he hadn’t seen her coming.

The day he ran through the door to the human world and stepped into her house, her living room. The day she came down the stairs, hair uncombed, old baseball bat in hand, and found him standing at the kitchen table. The day he escaped through the same door back into the Dark World and left it open for her.

He forgot to close it. So she followed him.

He’d overlooked everything about her. She wasn’t supposed to follow him. She didn’t look like a person who would follow him. She was a human. A human who knew nothing about the realm behind every door.

A human who turned out to be an Era Darkling. A determined, brave, inspirational, stubborn girl who he had trained like a younger sister. The one who made him stay a little longer.

His plan had been perfect. But he hadn’t counted on her arrival. She brought with her strength, bravery, admiration and…guilt. There was a new emotion whenever he fought Balance soldiers. Guilt. Guilty of bringing up a shining Rebellion that would, in the end, fall to dust. Guilty of creating a place where people thought they would find the future’s hope. Guilty of what he knew he would eventually do.

For when the Rebellion needed him most, when his people were counting on him to lead them to victory, he would turn away. Join the enemy. Return to his rightful home, his rightful inheritance. Over her.

He didn’t see her coming.


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