Aw Snap….


via Daily Prompt: Exposure

Oh shit.

So what happens when one gets ‘exposed’?

And not the kind of thing where your best friend jokes around and publicly humiliates you by bringing up an embarrassing childhood memory and everybody goes, “Ooo, exposed!”

No, I mean when one (me) is caught lying. To their best friend. Exposed? Don’t think that’s the right word for it.

I did like him. Like. We were only friends. I guess he thought we were more than that. My friend June asked me who I was going to choose to the Dance next Friday. Well, I guess she thought I would choose Darren too. And…when I told her the name on my mind, she freaked. No big deal. June freaks all the time.

I didn’t know it would get serious. Didn’t know it would spread through the school and sting me like a swarm of bees.

He’s so mad. So, so mad. Even June’s mad at me. What did I do? Confess my true feelings! That’s about it!

I know one of the things readers look for is the romance in a story. Without it, the book would just be an adventure. People seek love, a dangerous purpose in life.



Believe me, I know.

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