So It’s My First Day Here…


First day on WordPress. I feel like a loser. Have to start from the very bottom again and work my way to the top. Staring at the distance and be like, “It’s so far away….”

And it is pretty far. I know I’m not gonna get a million reads right away. And I know I’m not gonna become a bestselling writer overnight.

Wish I could.

Wish life worked that way.

But it doesn’t. I tells me to shut my trap and be patient. To hell with patience, it’s not what I asked for. But that would make me spoiled, getting whatever I want, whenever I say I want it.

Trying my luck in multiple websites, publishing stories and everything. Currently not doing very well. I keep telling myself, “There will never be a perfect, damn, fudging site for you.”

But I’ll try anyway.

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